Does hot showers lower blood pressure?

I would like to know if a hot shower could lower blood pressure ?
not to sure,it sounds like by warming the blood it would increase your heart rate and be counter productive,!i'd necessitate time to research it further and could be way off;it seem to me looking at your last question that your concern is trying to lower your blood pressure-do you smoke ? do you put away a lot of tran's fat's withput checking,if you more detail to your question,a more target piece of advice will be offered.x
It will cause your superficial or cutaneous vein to dilate. And if you are in a prolonged standing position while taking a hot shower, it will cause your blood to pool within your lower extremities. It might make you dizzy or tachycardic because, yes, it causes a drop surrounded by you blood pressure.
I think it would increase it in fact. I know when I get in the shower when its hot, I can quality my heart beating faster.
no, extremes in warmth increases bloodpressure

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