Is 131 over 78 considered hypertension?

with a pulse of 121
That is considered borderline hypertension. Pulse seems high unless you've a short time ago exercised.
Your pulse is much too nippy. If this is your resting heart rate, you need to go to the hospital. As for your blood pressure, it depends on how elderly you are. Rule of thumb is that the systolic should be 100 + your age, up to age 40. So, if you are 31, 131 is just fine. However, if you are 18, 131 is too high. I'm more concerned around your heart rate though. Like I said, if this is your resting heart rate, you need medical attention right now.
131/78 is not hypertension. Pulse rate I am not sure about. Source(s): I own hypertension and it is checked regularly and kept under control with medication.
Not quite but 131 is somewhat giant. I think your systolic has to be 140 previously it's considered hypertension.
Jean unless you are up set the may put you on blood pressure meds depending on whether you hold diabetes are not if you have the diabetes they watch every piece else a lot closer Source(s): a diabetic

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