Is the blood pressure of 158/120 and pulse of 104 elevated for a 33 year prehistoric masculine?

He is 6'3 277lbs
You need to get checked out. The top number is soaring and so is the pulse rate.
Yes. Both numbers are high, especially the bottom number - that would be the most worrisome.

Change your diet, drink more water, cut out saline, get some daily exercise (even a brisk totter for 30 minutes) and then retake it.

Diet: fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

Water: drink 2 litres a afternoon minimum. Cut out caffeine or cut back to 1 cup a day, caffeine raise your BP. That includes coffee drinks, colas, tea, iced tea, etc.

Salt cut out the following: table salt, prepared food, packaged food, processed food, frozen food, cured food, can food, pickled food, smoked food, fast food.

It should make a clear difference. If your blood pressure remains high after this, you are going to need medication.

Note that untreated soaring blood pressure is the second most common reason that kidneys fall short. When kidneys fail, you will need dialysis to hang on to you alive while you wait for a transplant. The length of wait depends on your blood type and all along the waiting list. My wait be 7 years. The drugs are expensive, I spend $40K (yes, that's correct) a year on medications. Medicare/Medicaid will only cover your drugs for 3 years.

Take vigilance of your body. You are what you put into it.
A normal blood pressure is below 140/90, therefore your blood pressure is within the high blood pressure range. If you enjoy chest pain, shortness of breath, or stroke like symptoms, after you would need emergent treatment. It sounds like you do not hold these symptoms. Blood pressure can temporarily increase secondary to pain, stress, anxiety, caffeine and nicotine. It would be supportive to know what your previous blood pressures were to determine if this is a temporary elevation or truly lofty blood pressure. Blood pressure can also be falsely elevated if it was not checked properly, but this is hopefully not the grip for you since having your blood pressure checked at the doctor's office is the most reliable. For these reason, it is important to have the blood pressure checked on several occasion in order to diagnose someone near high blood pressure.

The decision to treat giant blood pressure is dependent on if you have the symptoms I mentioned before and also the scope of blood pressure elevation. If the blood pressure is only mildly elevated, then a trial of lifestyle modification would be appropriate short starting medication. Your blood pressure is in the stage 2 range, and lifestyle modification would be unlikely to bring your blood pressure down to aspiration. Most doctors would begin a patient next to your blood pressure on a blood pressure lowering medication. Lifestyle modification is also important. This includes a healthy resourcefully balanced diet that is full of fruits and vegetables and low contained by salt and saturated fat. The DASH diet was associated with the greatest moderation in blood pressure in clinical trials. Regular exercise is also assiduous. Consumption of alcohol in excess can elevated blood pressure, therefore you should delineate your alcohol consumption to 2 drinks daily.

I also think it is influential to check your blood pressures outside of the doctor's office. Some people can own an elevated blood pressure related to stress at the doctor's office, which is known as white coat hypertension. Individuals near this have normal blood pressures outside of the doctor's bureau. White coat hypertension requires no treatment and leads to no long term consequences. It is vital to identify, because if you treated someone with white coat hypertension you could lower their blood pressure too much. Continue following with your doctor in connection with this. High blood pressure is associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and many other condition problems. Good luck. Source(s): Doctor
both r too high. normal BP is 110/70mmHg and mundane pulse is 80 beats per minute. he needs 2 progress on medication such as beta blockers, which slos the rate & force of heart contractions. tell him 2 get an ECG done forst, baseline bloods & win checked 4 thyroid, diabetes problems, etc.
This is high, and a recipe for disaster. Without treatment to bring down his blood pressure he is at serious risk for having a heart attack or stroke. He is too babyish to die. Please encourage this person to see a doctor straight away. With proper care and diet, he can lose the excess weight he carry on his body, and live a healthier life. This is not a quip. Source(s): I'm a nurse.
Is driving 55mph in a 25mph zone vigorous? See a doctor, and it's easily fixed before you capture a ticket, I mean, before it kill you.
I'm no doctor, but yes thats a little high. My mom's blood pressure go up everytime she goes into the doctor because she's nervous. That could enjoy something to do with it.
It is HIGH! Especially that 120..... Go to the ER. NOW

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