My blood pressure is 131 over 94 is that fruitless?

anything above 140/90 is dignified. your bottom number is high and your top number is borderline. you really need to gain an appointment with your family doctor. and save a record of your blood pressures until you see the doc. if possible and help yourself to it at least 3 times a day
YES, go to ER immediately! Source(s): Former Nurse Assistant!
140 for the top (systolic) is considered borderline. The 94 (dystolic) looks a wee bit high, but I can only speak from my own experience. My best guidance would be to go to and look up blood pressure. It's a great, user friendly web site that help tremendously!
Well I guess it is.
Because I get my blood pleasure done 4 times because it was above 120,first it was 131,144,132,and128.
So i guess it is bleak because I have to be on con troll and see my doctor 1 a month to check it.
You were probally edgy and it went up.
It's happened to me back so it might just be that.

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