My blood pressure is 151/ 98 is this glorious?

sometimes it is 155/ 101 just depends if im having a stressful sunshine. I have stressful days often could this be the problem?
Depends on your age but it is large anyway and maybe you should have a check-up at the Dr's surgery. A nurse could do this and if you needed to see a Dr later they would arrange it. Better to be safe than sorry.
151/98 is hypertensive. The fact your overweight is imagined a major factor in this; next to that said, one shouldn't pay too much attention to just one BP reading, for a more accurate result, it's better to benchmark BP over a period of time, which will give a better analysis. If this is a consistent reading you may require BP medication. The three things you can do to relieve is;
Lose weight (try and reduce to nearest your just what the doctor ordered weight as possible)
Reduce salt intake and exercise. Source(s): RN
I think it's okay...but it's above average.
If it was above 180 it's severe..
yes! yes! yes! please jump in and see a doctor as soon as you absolutely can! the commonplace range for blood pressure is 120/80 - it is slightly lower in ladies, especially contained by younger ladies. high blood pressure put you at risk for stroke, heart attack and kidney problems, so you really need to grasp it checked out - the longer you wait, the more likely you are to mischief your body. also look at reducing stress in your life, any through relaxation exercises or physical exercise. speaking of that, physical exercise is a GREAT way to reduce blood pressure, but it should really be done surrounded by conjunction with medication.
Yes that is high and yes stress add to the problem, as does being overweight, smoking and not getting enough exercise. Retaining wet also adds to the problem - salt cause you to retain water so you could cut back on that...
Stress have an effect on blood pressure. 140/90 is considered hypertension(high BP). You would probably need medication, or you could try weight loss, exercise, and the DASH diet. The diet edges sodium but is rich in potassium + acts as a colloquial diuretic.
systolicalyy is high diastolically is borderly high
this is slightly high-ranking but I can t really know mush else until I know your age, health and medication, your systolic ( bottom reading ) is high at 101 but the diastolic ( top reading ) defensible medics usually say 125/65 is a normal reading proof but we are all different if possible post some more info ta
Hypertension ( high blood pressure ), uncommonly has a single cause. It's usually a combination of factor, esp. if onset is before age 40. Stress, person overweight/obese, smoking, family history, diet and lack of exercise can adjectives contribute. Not smoking is good but being 210 lbs. is not : unless you're 6',4" or better.
Your numbers indicate at lowest pre-hypertension, so it would be best to talk w/ your Dr. about steps you can steal to bring them down w/o medication. If you do what he/she suggests & it's still high, you'll still need meds. Source(s): Pre-hypertensive myself.
Yes that is soaring...although it can go a lot sophisticated...and you don't want it I'd have it checked by a doctor or nurse to be sure it's a correct reading...

and yes stress can definitely brand name your blood pressure rise...
yea, that's rather high.

You and your doctor need to determine why this is, and fix it. As it set right in a minute, you're on the verge of a stroke, aneurysm, or heart attack.

From you description, you need to examine your lifestyle and clear out those stressful days. This may necessitate to be handled by changing job. Consider seeing a psychologist.

You can see some immediate effects by cutting out caffeine, cigarettes, sugars, and salt from you diet, and taking any medications that the doctor prescribes.

But it sounds like the ultimately you're going to own to make some serious lifestyle changes.
Yes. It's bit high-ranking for someone of your age. Your weight won't be helping.

Get some medical advice. The doc will probably communicate you to lose a few pounds (especially if you're female).
yes that's glorious! i'm 29 and suffer with high blood pressure at its peak mine was 161/ 98 and i'm on tablets to control this make an appointment next to your gp at the earliest convenient time to have this monitored they may want to check your bp over a period of a few weeks but better to be locked than sorry Source(s): a sufferer of high blood pressure

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