Concerining blood pressure, how do you interpret 145/85/82? What does respectively number represent?

Blood pressure (BP) consists of only two numbers, so you have it wrong. Usually, the third number (2 digits) is the pulse rate (also prearranged as heart rate, or how many beats per minute of your heart).

Blood pressure is supposed to be around 120/80 , so 145/85 is glorious, and fits the profile of hypertension, if that is your blood pressure when you are resting. If it is your blood pressure during or after exercise, that's fine.
Heart rate (pulse) of 82 is fine.
145 represents the systolic pressure which is the pressure of when your heart fills up near blood. The 85 represents the diastolic pressure which is the heart at rest.
Not too sure about the 82 though. It could be the mean of your BP.
Or it could be your heart rate.
Hope this help.

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