My blood pressure is 98/46- is that too low?

I tried to donate blood the other day at my school but the nurse said my blood pressure be too low to donate. It was 98/46 and I was wondering if this is sick. I am a 17 year old male, height- 6'5" and weigh 160 pounds. I am a long distance runner and terrifically athletic. I also experience times where I feel extraordinarily tired, as well as occasionally feeling oil lamp headed when I stand up. Thank you for the help contained by advance.
some prominent points crossed my mind:

*no one can judge the status of BP depending on only one reading because it change according to your status ( eg. if you are angry blood pressure will rise(

* athletes have different criteria.

*do you feel dizzy sometimes (do you enjoy symptoms of low BP)

* do u have family history of low BP

* do you own any other disease or illness

*do you eat right or minimum

i think you should seek full medical check for you own form..

by the way what did the school nurse advise you?
Athletes and people who exercise regularly tend to have lower blood pressure than do folks who aren't as fit. Your blood pressure is low. The lowest it should be is 90/60. Either number being lower classifies you has have low blood pressure. Losing blood causes your blood pressure to drop, so they didn't want it to fall terrifyingly low. Then you would pass out. You're pretty close to normal though. Try drinking more river , dehydration causes low blood pressure. Also you may be anemic, which means you don't enjoy enough red blood cells. Take vitamins.
Low blood pressure is defined as below 90/60 mm Hg. Your Systolic pressure is normal, the Diastolic pressure is a little low. But don't worried, the standard is for ages 18 Years and Older. You can determine it at this website.…
The higher reading is the systolic which really is not that signifigant, however the lower reading is the diastolic whic is very signifigant, the sophisticated reading is normal, the lower reading is too low. You may be underweight, or anaemic. If you exc ercise a lot which you right to be heard then I suggest you see a nutritionalist for diet advice as you may not be getting satisfactory nutrition in your system, I wouldn't worry too much as it is not existence threatening!
thats low
yes i.e. low and what I would worry about is the big difference between the 98 and 46. Id turn to the doctor if I was you. I am 5 ft and 93 pounds and I have difficult blood pressure than you, you really should see the doc
Yes, your blood pressure is way too low. It should be reading 120/80 or more or smaller number close to that. It is surprising your not having total block outs. You need to construct some adjustments to your diet in charge to have your blood pressure restored to what is normal. You may follow the support given in the answer at;… that starts with "Your blood pressure is plainly too low. You will..."

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