My LDL cholesterol is 98, what can I do to lower it? What should this number be for a moral LDL reading?

Good LDL should be 0-99....your in good shape!!
Triglycerides shold be0-199
HDL Cholestreol shold be 40-59
and your Total Cholesterol shold be 100-199...Is a combination of adjectives of the above that is calculated someway, I think.. but your LDL is fine mybe borderline dignified but most of the USA would settle for that!
likely the best way to lower it is more long cardio at 70% or more max heart rate.

if you enjoy no evident heart disease, 98 is excellent.

I have severe heart disease, and my doctor requests my LDL 60-70.

Total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + (20% of Triglycerides)

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