My blood pressure be 157/97, can someone make clear to me what that way?

It seem a little high for a vigorous 26 y.o.
was it taken again for a comparison?
You dont say if you are overweight - I don`t know the wrong size cuff was used
Normal blood pressure (BP) is anything inside the 120/80 range. BP over 140/90 means that you are hypertensive but it should be unyielding readings, not just a one time width. Your blood pressure can be elevated by many various things similar to stress, medication, exercising, and emotions. Hypertension can lead to a mixture of heart disease in the future except treated. It is hereditary in moral fibre (Do you have immediate kinfolk members with hypertension or heart disease?) and more adjectives among African-Americans. I'm not sure if your 157/97 is a reading you got just one time but if this is a annoying reading, it can be treated with various medication that can be prescribed by your doctor. Now, some things you can do to control giant blood pressure without the use medication: (1) maintain a forceful weight - start on a diet program to lose weight if you are overweight, (2) stop smoking, if you currently do so (Smoking is so incredibly bleak for your heart & not just your lungs), (3) decrease alcohol & caffeine intake (Although research have shown that your heart can benefit from a daily glass of red wine), (4) start a program of regular exercise (Make sure you procure an okay from your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions), (5) maintain a low sodium diet (Canned items & soups are the worst), (6) do things to curtail stress in your life, and (7) a regular check ups from your doctor. Hope this info help!
It manner your blood pressure is quite high, putting you at risk for stroke, heart disease and organ reduce to rubble, particularly kidney damage.

Ideal blood pressure is immediately defined as below 120/80. Heredity plays a role in this, but there are things you can do to minister to. If you smoke, try to quit. Limit sodium in your diet and exercise regularly.

A single blood pressure reading doesn't mean you enjoy hypertension. It would be a good idea to catch a digital blood pressure cuff to use at home (the kind that goes around the arm, not the wrist). Take your blood pressure within the morning and evening and keep a record for at smallest two weeks. This will give your doctor very adjectives information.

The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) can help. You can see details at… or…
Hypertension is the term doctors use for glorious blood pressure.
Blood pressure readings are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and usually given as 2 numbers. For example, 140 over 90 (written as 140/90).
The top number is your systolic pressure, the pressure created when your heart beat. It is considered high if it is consistently over 140. The bottom number is your diastolic pressure, the pressure inside blood vessels when the heart is at rest. It is considered dignified if it is consistently over 90. Either or both of these numbers may be too high.
Pre-hypertension is when your systolic blood pressure is between 120 and 139 or your diastolic blood pressure is between 80 and 89 on multiple readings. If you hold pre-hypertension, you are more likely to develop high blood pressure at some point.
top number (157) is systolic pressure - how much pressure your heart puts againts artery wallls to push blood through when it is occuded (blocked) - optimal range is 120

bottom nuber is diastolic - how much pressure your heart uses to push blood when it is not occluded - optimal range 75

157/97 is hypertensive (too high) discuss to your doctor about hypertensive medication

hypertension is the number 1 cause of heart attacks Source(s): nurse of 6yrs
That's kind of giant. You definitely want to talk to your doctor. It's not worryingly high, but if it is constantly that high, they will probably put you on blood pressure meds.

Some general public just have elevated blood pressure - age and weight don't really have anything to do beside it. I work with a girl that is within her 30's and she's been on HBP meds since she was 15. :(

Talk to your dr.
If that is a resting blood pressure it may be cause for concern, especially at your childish age. A generic 'average' is usually considered 120/80 and yours seems rather big.

I would consult with your physician as soon as you get the haphazard. High Blood Pressure is usually symptomless...meaning you don't feel it...and so is sometimes call "the hidden killer" because it can contribute to very serious medical problems. Don't hysterics, but also don't delay in getting this checked out. Source(s): I be an EMT/Ambulance-Driver for many years
It means; High blood pressure, which is hyper tension, also certain as the silent killer.
Are you over weight ? do you exercise? do you devour junk food.? Loose the sugar and see a doctor.
it finances that the pressure in your arteries is 157 mmHg when your heart pumps the blood and is 97 mmHg when your heart is resting.
you have a big blood pressure, which may be caused by congested arteries due to deposition of fats contained by it.
means u might b sensitive to something u ate resembling a drug or allergic to something like a food check it out quickly
this means that your blood pressure is approach above normal.
the normal blood pressure is 120/80.
you u now go to a doctor.

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