Headaches, Dilated Pupils, High BP, High Cholesterol, Racing Heart?

Almost 3 weeks ago I started having high blood pressure 158/118 land me in the ER, I was highly dizzy, and had some chest discomfort, along with mild confusion, and headache that started 3 days earlier. I had be taken off meds for high blood pressure within Jan 08, and was doing fine, till 3 weeks ago. Blood work came backbone High Cholesterol after the third set of blood work. Ive been getting headaches within the back of my head that consistency like pressure and hurt really bad. But my CT be fine. When I eat certain things my pupils will dilate and I start awareness dizzy, and have blurred vision. I have a stress test done that turned out horrible due to the dizziness once my heart beat realize 171 in 4 minutes. My heart has be staying around the 130's to 150's bpm said its an arrythemia. My family doctor put me on Accupril 10mg but my bp is still 140's-150'/95-109 and doesnt want to give me anything for giant cholesterol, or to help the bp get underneath control said I'm to young for meds. NEED HELP!
I really think you should see another doctor. A bp of 150/109 could rationale a stroke if untreated. Has anyone said anything about supraventricular tachycardia, I ask this because of the heart rate of 170. In the mean time try to capture pleanty of rest, eat a low salt diet (DO NOT include salt to any of your food) Salt=Sodium= high blood pressure.
very well that all depends on how high your cholesterol is, it have to be a certain level for drug intervention, you obligation to be watching your diet and eating healthy fat, eliminate anything deep fried or unambiguously high in lubricant, avoid sugars as well as they contribute to the problem. dizziness, chest discomfort, mild confusion, headaches are adjectives symptoms of high blood pressure. blurred vision too...if your heart rate is 130-150 at REST specifically absolutely terrible. sounds resembling you could be in a fib or something, did you have an EKG? if your diastolic pressure (bottom number) is above 100 AT REST that is to say an emergency, you better go to the er if the above numbers you state are resting numbers, you need an ekg, if you hold atrial fibrillation you will throw a clot eventually or your heart can stop. sounds like you need a unmarked doctor. if you go to the er make sure they know you enjoy had these stmptoms for a long time, it will make a difference surrounded by the plan of treatment, especially if its atrial fib.

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