Is 118/64 a accurate blood pressure? Pulse rate of 62?

I am 32 years old 5'3 and 150 pounds. I thought it was a well-mannered pressure, but my doctor came in right after the nurse and took it himself, and consequently asked if anyone in my family as problems beside their blood pressure, I told him my mom did and then he said he would keep an eye on it. Im kinda confused, I thought it be a good blood pressure, does anyone know
Yes, that is considered a perfect reading. If you want to get a good model of your average blood pressure (which may be wise if hypertension runs in your family), see… for more information on how to run your blood pressure and links to a free BP log as well as home monitors.

Good luck! Source(s):…
That sounds like a great pressure to me.
120/80 is considered ordinary. Maybe he was concerned about the bottom number? Either road, all different doctors have different opinion on what is considered normal. Just keep a monitor on it and make sure it doesn't keep going up.

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