Is 124 on cholesterol markedly low and a effect for concern.?

Only if this is because your HDL is under 45 for men or under 50 for women. Ask your doctor what your HDL and LDL level are. Typically a ratio between the two of less than 3 is ideal. If your HDLs are bad (less than above) adding flax seed grease or fish oil (provided you are not on blood thinners--check with the doc first) can incline these levels. Your total cholesterol would probably rise as well, but at most minuscule your "good" levels would be appropriate.
124 is a point of envy not verbs.
Registered Nurse here; Abnormally low cholesterol. Dear, this is wonderful. This is great, no such thing as cholesterol being to low. People would contribute there fortunes to have a reading as terrific as this. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!:))
total cholesterol? 124 is fine. you want Total Cholesterol it less than 200. HDL (good cholesterol) you want above 40 for men, 50 for women. LDL (bad cholesterol) you want less than 160 if you don't own any other health conditions. "too low" cholesterol really hasn't been defined, but 124 is zilch at all to worry give or take a few for total cholesterol
No it's not. That is very good. Wow, I longing I could get mine there from 151. Get the break down from your doctor so that you know the exact numbers for the HDL (the good) and the LDL (the bad). Good available job!
124 is great and far under the jeopardy range of 200 and above. Mine was 241 a couple of years ago. OUCH!! I lowered it by intake beets, lentils, carrots. Now it is 180.

I wouldn't worry around 124. Maintain a healthy eating routine, and amble 15 minutes a day is what my doctor told me.

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