What is a doctor who specializes contained by hypertension call?

A psychiatrist.
Nephrologist (Kidney doctor)

The most common specialist dealing with hypertension would be a Nephrologist; however, it is such a adjectives problem that most general internists or family practitioners would buy and sell with it themselves.

? Chiropractic ?
A doctor who specializes contained by internal medicine which is the treatment of adult diseases
The ASH Specialists Program be formed by the American Society of Hypertension, Inc. (ASH) in 1998 in response to the growing confession that the hypertension problem requires the coordinated effort of front-line health attention providers and those physicians with documented expertise in managing hypertension. The ASH Specialists Program created the Specialist surrounded by Clinical Hypertension designation for the specific purpose of identifying and recognizing physicians beside expert skills and knowledge in the organization of clinical hypertension and related disorders. These physicians can act as local and regional consultants for the more complex and difficult cases and also assist in direction regarding guidelines and process improvement. To date, designation have been granted to 1115 physicians practicing in the United States, Canada and other countries.
cardiologists are heart doctors and can treat hypertension but roughly it is characterised with nephrology and nephrologists are typically supposed to be the hypertension specialists, good luck
Internist (internal medicine) can monitor your blood pressure and treat hypertension. A cardiologist (heart doctor) would be the specialist for hypertension that your internist could refer you to.
Cardiologist !
A cardiologist maybe?
A dr who deal with the heart is a cardiologist.
A cardiologist
A cardiologist Source(s): I'm a nurse major, and my mom have hypertension

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