Is blood pressure of 116/69 big, low or fine?

It's slightly better than average (120/80)
Yes to be precise fine. dont worry Source(s): been tested frequent times
Id say it was fine.. average is 120/80
It is normal

Optimal blood pressure with respect to cardiovascular risk is smaller number than 120/80 mm Hg.
120/80 is everyday, Normal ranges for blood pressure in adult humans are; Systolic: smaller number than 120 mmHg Diastolic: less than 80 mmHg and a study of 100 subjects with no set history of hypertension found the subjects had an average systolic blood pressure of 112.4 mm Hg and an average diastolic pressure of about 64.0 mm Hg.[9]
You're fine!
only just right
no such thing as average blood pressure as long as you can tolerate it, check your baseline. any 20 increments increase or decrease from it might signify a health issue. On the numeric you mentioned it is fine according to the medical parameter.
that's a normal bp.
model B/P. Not to high and not to low, just right. Nurse of twenty years
First of all, there's no such thing as "normal", despite the above answers. For that issue, there's no such animal as "the blood pressure", but that's another story.

Best rule-of-thumb is "100 + Your Age". If your systolic (the top one) is lower than that you're fine & dandy....BUT...
everyone's different, as you can see from the other Answerers. There are figures for your 'top' reading and 'bottom' reading which predict better cardiac health than others.

Your systolic reading of 116 mms of mercury, as measured at the brachial artery (near your elbow) is too well brought-up for words.
But your diastolic of 69, is, believe it or not, even better.

They're not what really matters though. What matters most is your Mean Arterial Pressure, which is roughly 85, which also is as ultimate as anyone could aim for as a "resting" target.
It is calculated as your 'lower' figure + 1/3rd of the difference between your higher and lower info, and will rise steadily as you exercise or get stressed, then come backbone down as you come back to normal (rest). Source(s): Me - it's what I do
it is low. run of the mill range is 120/80
You hold nothing to worry almost. It is just perfect.
unless you hold a underlining problem that b/p is prefect
yeah to be exact fine honey. If it goes above 145/ then i.e. when we would be a bit more concerned.
thats average mine is low at 80/60 so yours is a good number, high would be over 120/80
That is fine...wish mine was that low
Sounds a moment ago fine to me!
u can get adjectives the information under this site
go and bring Source(s):
No such item as a "Normal blood pressure". But BP usually depends on age etc, bit its near on perfect, so be chirpy and relax a little. Text book perfection is 120/70. So good on yer x x x Source(s): Registered Nurse
I got mine checked yesterday and the nurse said perfect at 120/80. did you check it yourself or at the docs
Not bad. My blood presure have changed at different times. When I am healthy and getting regular exercise it is about 100/60.When I gain solidity and don't exercise it is about 120/80

So those numbers are fine.
It's fine.
That is fine, a normal blood pressure is 120 over 70 or below.

JohnP Source(s): My Doctor
Fine. Normal Blood Pressure is between 100/60 and 130/90. Source(s): Student Nurse (Registered Nursing).

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