My blood pressure is 125/95 average, below number is around over 90, is it hypertension ?

The new guidelines are anything over 80 is big, so yes, 95 is hypertension. If you haven't started meds yet, you may want to make a Dr appt.
It is diastolic hypertension if it is consistently over 90 on more than one occasion.
between 130/80 and 140/90 is considered normal unless you have diabetes or kidney problems or other heart pproblems consequently you might want to lower it.
Actually parameter for high blood pressure and borderline high blood pressure hold recently been changed. It used to be that 140/90 be considered normal. Now it's considered high. The certainty that your systolic rate is low is good, but your diastolic rate was giant. You need to know if it was a one time entity or if it is consistently high. There's this thing call white coat syndrome, which means some people are so scared when they go see the doctor, that their blood pressure temporarily goes up when they are within the doctor's office getting their blood pressure checked (where everyone wears white coats). Get your blood pressure checked several times over the course of the subsequent few weeks, and keep track of it and take that information into your doctor's bureau when you go. See what happens consequently and what your doc says...and in the meantime, don't stress.

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