Is my blood pressure too low?

My blood pressure reading was 98/57. Someone told me it was too low?
I own low blood pressure too.When it gets too low i feel dizzy & hold little energy.When it's too low it reads nearly 85/50.My doctor said they don't make medicine for ancestors with low blood pressure.That as long as it isn't high afterwards they don't see a problem.Ridiculous!My pharmacist said the only way to lift it a little is to take diet pills.I'm already underweight so specifically out.Guess we ride it out.Take care
My normal BP have been (since 1981 up to date) 110/70 and for six years (1970 to 76) it remained 90/60 and now I am 73. If you hold taking small protein intake every 2-3 hours and abstain from rigorous exertion, you are always on the safer side (never heart trouble like me).
Be Happy.
Below 90/60 could be low blood pressure. Your blood pressure is probably OK as long as you are fancy OK.

Your diastolic pressure at 57 is only very slightly below 60 and explicitly not very significant and your systolic pressure at 98 is actually excellent and is much better than 110 or 120.

Common symptoms of low blood pressure are vertigo and actual fainting spells and also dizziness as well as premonition very weak and tired.

You can find further information contained by a search for "low blood pressure" + symptoms.
It seems low to me. Especially the bottom number.

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