My blood pressure be 94/59 and fluctuates and my pulse be 59. Is it supposed to be that?

It changes consistantly. I don't know which would be the correct reading. Because it goes between 111/77 to 94/59 and my pulse doesn't stay duplicate because it slows way down when sitting and walking. It also speeds up to 87 as well.
Normal blood pressure varies. Normal is considered to be 120/80 down to 110/70. For people who are intensely active or if their heart isn't as affective as it should be or even if they're dehydrated, the BP will shift down. Example is that I am pretty low key personality sage and fairly physically active. My everyday is 80/56. Normal pulse range is 69-80. Again, for the same reason, some people's pulses are low. Yours I would consider to be bradycardia. That means slow heart rate. If you're on a beta blocker it will fluctuate up and down. Normally, a beta blocker will lower your pulse and BP. It's a side affect of the good it does to relieve your heart. As long as you are not light headed and dizzy. It isn't an issue. The dull affliction is most likely due to your mitral valve problem you enjoy. You are just far more aware of what your body does than most. Take a peek at the American Heart Association's website. It is extremely user friendly and deeply easy to understand. Source(s): I am a cardiac nurse.
It looks like you need to see a Cardiologist, or perchance I already answer to your other questions, the Heart is the main organ of the body and if here is a problem with it's function, then the unharmed body will be affected. Your Systolic Blood pressure is to low, there must be a functional problem next to the Ventricle and you have to see Cardiologist immediately, your Diastolic pressure vary but is still too low as well, something is not right. your pulse is not the same unsurprisingly because of your Heart dysfunction, your Heart is not working properly specially when you are sitting because you are at rest position and your body is not doing any activity but when you meander it should go faster but is not doing it because you have a Heart condition. Are you underneath treatment ?, I hope you have seen a Doctor already. This is my best guidance. Good Luck. Source(s): Cardiology
basing on the data youve given, it is pretty normal..

ranges: (depending on age and other factors such as race)
bp 90-140/60-90
pulse 60-160

that 1 point youve be missing probably is not that serious. coz i saw adult people next to 55 pulse/min that is normal..

never the smaller amount.. i cant tell anything about your nonspecific health.. if you are feeling something different, better see the DOCs...
Blood pressure fluctuates - Your pulse is fine, if slightly low. Also your blood pressure is on the low end but low blood pressure is associated beside high life expectancy. Low blood pressure is not, at most minuscule in the UK, ever medicated unlike high blood pressure (unless its due to shock).

It's low but not upsetting. 111/77 is fine.
blood pressure fluctuates by the minute. If you enjoy your BP taken than you should know your normals and ask those questions which prove you have no perception what they should be. ASK YOUR MD! Normal BP is anywhere from 110/70. I wish mine was 87 when"speeded up" mine is up roughly speaking 120 for pulse,and I take 2 meds to keep my BP going on for 120/90. Consider yourself blessed. I am a little concerned about 59 explicitly low and should be discussed with your MD. Source(s): RN
120 over70 is suppose to be the best reading pulse at 59 is ok most athletes
heart rate is around here, the normal average heart rate for others is around 70 t o 80 beats per minute
Low blood pressure may not be of any concern, especially if you are very fit and active. Fluctuation is awfully normal. However, there can be medical concerns cause low blood pressure such as endocrine problems with the adrenals, thyroid, or blood sugar. There are other reasons, too. See the Mayo Clinic network page on low blood pressure:…

If you are not having any symptoms like dizziness or faint or other symptoms related to the above endocrine issues, then I would say you are probably where on earth you are naturally. If, after a web look into, you feel like within may be another issue, go to your doctor.

Don't be afraid to find a doctor who takes you seriously. Women next to endocrine problems commonly suffer for 5 years before a doctor finally believes them and properly diagnosis them. Source(s): Personal Experience and Research.
Braggart! Wish I had numbers as apt as yours!!

Your heart rate and BP will change depending on activity and what your body wants - and when you eat, etc. Your heart has to speed up when you exercise to provide the oxygen your body wishes to all your muscles. It's a good item.
largely, the blood pressure never stop fluctuating as long as your heart is beating. even if the heart stop beating, the blood pressure is also fluctuating, newly that most of the blood pressure measuring device are not able to test it without heartbeat.

there is no correct reading, adjectives readings are estimates, accurate to that particular moment. my company sell blood pressure measuring machines. i measured my blood pressure as many as 30 times a hours of daylight. the highest i logged was 136/84 pulse rate 80, the lowest i logged be 94/54 pulse rate 51. most of the time my blood pressure is around 106/64, pulse rate 51 (i'm a runner).

whether is it 111/77 or 94/59, your blood pressure falls in the ideal catalogue (not just normal, but ideal). your pulse rate is pious, it shows that your heart doesn't need to work very sturdy. when you walk, your pulse rate shoot up, it's natural. anyway, you shouldn't bring your blood pressure while walking. pulse rate during motion should only be used for monitoring your exercise intensity, it doesn't mean anything.

spasm in the middle of your chest? your heart is not there. it's your lungs. and since you said you enjoy breathing problem, it's probably nothing to do with blood pressure or heart. it could be lungs problem. you should see a doctor in connection with this.

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