Hello my blood pressure is 136/91 is this discouraging or newly run of the mill and any pious pills for elevated blood pressure?

hello is 136/91 is very bad at my age 30?im 5'8 and bulk 185lbs, pls give me adviced and what the best pill i can take?im alarmed
Thats above normal but not high, Prescriptions should be prescribed by a doctor not by an internet geek resembling me.
I am 32 and take water pills to combat my illustrious blood pressure, please seek medical advise earlier taking anything at all.
We all own allergies, you might have a fatal response.
The low number is a bit high. If it stays giant then see your do and consider treating it. There is no best pill for high blood pressure; It is anything works best for you.
Systolic and diastolic pressures change with age. At the age of 30, the relative blood pressure should be around 120/75. A blood pressure > 140/90 mmHg has be defined by the WHO as borderline hypertension.

You might consider doing more exercises and shedding some pounds, because at 5"8 and 185lbs, your BMI is 28.1, which means your weight is contained by the overweight category for adults of your height. People who are overweight are at higher risk for chronic conditions such as soaring blood pressure. Weight loss may help lower the risk of disease, and perhaps you can speech with your healthcare provider to determine appropriate ways to lose weight.

And as you're one and only on borderline hypertension, normally doctors do not prescribe pills for you. They will only inspire you to eat healthier and do more exercises.
140/90 has been regard as sort of a benchmark for middle age / 6' /145lbs. You may want to watch your counterweight. Exercise and proper diet is the way to go.
120/80 is the "norm" so you are a bit high. Low sodium, cut back on caffine and up your exercise and cut rear legs on STRESS. If you are a guy your weight is fine, if your a gal you could loose a few.
I really dont think those numbers are large enough to require meds especially if you havent tried diet and exercise. ALSO the conditions in which you get those reading may have influenced it. My hubby got told he wouldnt know how to do something he was counting on right before they took his blood pressure! It be sky high! his next stop by it was normal.
truly it is about average your top number is a little soaring but not too bad just hold on to an eye on it
Your diastolic pressure is too high. That's the bottom number, which ideally should be around 70 to 80. The upper number or systolic pressure is borderline. It should be at least 120. Or I don`t know it's the other way around. I would suggest you see your doctor and he or she will prescribe the right medication for you. There are many different pills for different nation, and only your doctor can tell you what is best for your exceptional condition. Don't be scared. Lots of people hold high blood pressure, but if you treat it in time, you'll be okay. Your doctor will also suggest lifestyle change and proper diet and exercise to keep your pressure in the ordinary range. Good luck!

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